Hello world!

Hi,  my name is Lia, I’m a foodie and I’ve been Gluten Free or GF for almost a decade now.   I’m here to help save newbies all the money I wasted on inedible GF products.  I want to start a community where we share recipes and restaurants that make GF stuff available to us. Plus a whole lot more.

I studied nutrition in college, and I have continued to study it thru to now.  So I’m also sharing my knowledge and research about Nutrition, and Health with you here.   I first published this site almost 4 years ago… it was up for a year and then it went down due to miscommunication with my host.  Now  after lots of work reassembling all this information and massive learning curves in web based stuff :) I have it up again.   This time I’ve done it by myself … so it won’t be coming down again!!  Its still a work in progress, but please check it out… It’s filled with a lot of great information to help you on your way.

Thanks Lia

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