Restaurant Reviews

**** Pizza UNO.  I was at their Poughkeepsie NY restaurant  and was presented with a beautiful, laminated, Gluten Free Menu!!!  Go UNO’s!!!     I ordered the “Grilled Shrimp with Sirloin” The steak was perfect and the shrimp were moist and tasty in a garlic marinade.  I chose two out of their six GF side dishes, the Red Bliss Mashed potatoes which were creamy and flavorful with some larger chunks of the potatoes, in a word, excellent.  My second side was Steamed Broccoli, which was slightly over cooked for my taste, (I prefer it slightly crunchy)  but I do not really expect that from a chain.
All and all I would give my meal **** in the GF world.

Back In The Kitchen, Route 343 Amenia NY, is a welcomed new addition to the town of Amenia.  The building is amazing, and has been restored lovingly to its original charm.  Owned by Peggy McEnroe it is open for breakfast and lunch and it offers something no other restaurant in the area does: GF breads, English muffins, or rolls and freshly made GF baked goods!!!   How about a delicious Bacon Egg and Cheese on the run in the morning?  Until they opened in January of last year (2011), it had been 6 years since I enjoyed that meal at a restaurant!!   Being able to order any of their gourmet sandwiches is a treat, as are their GF Carrot Cupcakes and any of the GF homemade soups which they offered this winter.
Fresh Co 22 on Route 22 in Dover Planes NY is proudly serving Gluten Free Pizza, the first in our area.  They also carry GF pasta and bread crumbs, so anything regularly on the menu can be made with those instead, like their Chicken Parmesan. However the portions are usually large enough for me to make two meals out of it.  They carry Boars Head Deli meats which are consistently GF.  They have a Mexican flare to their menu and therefore carry tortillas made with corn.  Their Chicken or Beef Tortillas make for a nice change and an inexpensive lunch. You can get Enchiladas with cheese or chicken, on a corn tortilla, that, while not authentic Mexican, can be a fun change of pace.  If you are looking for a different kind of breakfast experience, try their Huevos Rancheros; a large portion of rice with homemade beans, two eggs any style, farmer’s cheese, and a mild red sauce.  Very Good.

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