Health Tips

Health tips
It used to be, that all *Blue Cheese is made with bread mold; this includes Stilton, Roquefort, Gorgonzola and Blue.  Unfortunately, growing mold does not lower the gluten content of the bread embedded in these cheeses!!!  However, there are some blue cheese and blue cheese by products, like salad dressings, that are now being labeled as GF…..

*There are now GF Blue cheeses and  products available.  I have not looked into them yet.  more on that later.

Use brown unbleached coffee filters
Byproducts of the bleaching process, called dioxins, are left behind in all bleached paper products.  Running hot water through these bleached filters leeches high levels of these dioxins out.  Dioxins are toxic to humans in very small amounts.
If you are interested in further reading about Dioxins check out the site

Aspartame; A Neurotoxin
Sugar by any other name, is not so swell.
Avoid all diet or sugar free products containing aspartame.  Aspartame is a neurotoxin causing many health problems.
“When stored or heated above 85 degrees F…” (which one would assume happens in the human body after this product is ingested), “…Aspartame in “diet drinks” breaks down into neurotoxin substances: Methanol (wood alcohol), Formaldehyde (embalming fluid), Formic Acid (ant sting venom) and DKP (brain tumor agent). “Aspartame is capable of changing the DNA (in lab tests)….”
By Mary Nash Stoddard <>
In this light, regular sugar looks better and better.   Try substituting Stevia for low calorie sweeteners.  Use honey, an actual food with nutrients, whenever possible.  For a diet drink, mix ¼ tsp ½ cup fruit juice with plain seltzer.

Arsenic in Our Chicken?
Op-Ed Columnist: Arsenic in Our Chicken?
Two scientific studies, suggesting that poultry on factory farms, are routinely fed banned antibiotics and other chemicals, like Prozac and antihistamines, raise serious questions.

Pink Goo
Meat processing plants have been treating scrap meat with ammonium hydroxide to create a pink goo that is used to extend meat products like chicken and beef and to kill bacteria.  You would be surprised to find out where it ends up.
McDonald’s drops use of gooey ammonia-based ’pink slime’ in hamburger meat
McDonald’s confirmed that it has eliminated the use of ammonium hydroxide — an ingredient in fertilizers, household cleaners and some roll-your-own explosives — in its hamburger meat.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver demonstrated how mechanically separated meat — which McDonald’s calls “select lean beef trimmings” — is made on his show “Food Revolution.” “70 % of America’s meat is treated with Ammonia”.!

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