Dealing with Dietary Restrictions

One of the greatest challenges for the person with Celiac Disease is that there is so much information to learn and remember in eliminating Gluten completely from their diet.  It is only when there is a complete absence of Gluten in a person’s diet, that there is a cessation of damage occurring in the small intestine, and healing takes place.  A radical dietary change is required.  It can feel overwhelming, but take heart, there are so many great alternative GF products out there; making it much easier than it was years ago.  Also you are not alone, so many of us have come before you, making the calls to the manufacturers of food items, asking them to list gluten or wheat on their labels, so that now many companies do.  We have asked enough restaurants what ingredients they use, that some have become gluten aware, and now offer special menus.
You are not alone.  It is possible to live a healthy, tasty, satisfied, life, Gluten Free by Design!!!

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