Emotional Responses to Dietary Restrictions

The emotional responses to realizing that dietary changes need to be made are varied depending on the individual.  For people who are emotional eaters, it can be traumatic and/or depressing because they are in essence being told they cannot comfort themselves in the ways they are used to.
It can bring up a sense of panic, of being unable to control our life, which is unhinging, to say the least.
It can make you feel excluded, alienated, cut off from family, and or cultural, rituals. These are among a few common reactions.
Remember; Baby steps, Breath, Cry, and Rant.  Let it out and then Reach out!
You are not alone!!  It is one of the reasons I have created this Zine and Blog.  We need a community!  Support is essential.
When it is not you, but a loved one is going through this, it can be challenging, frustrating, and upsetting for everyone involved.  For more information see Children and a Gluten Free Diet.
Talking to a nutritionist, a counselor, a therapist, other gluten free people or Support Groups are all things that can help.  Realizing that you are not alone, (see Resources), can make quite a difference.
For all of us, emotional and non emotional eaters alike, staying on a specific diet takes extra time, thought, and energy.  Adding those elements to a busy schedule can be challenging, but for those suffering from gluten issues, the rewards are huge.
Eating with others is an important social as well as psychological/ emotional exercise.  I recommend that you take charge of your being able to partake, by bringing your own food.

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