Helpful Herbs

For colitis like symptoms I have found aloe vera to be very beneficial.  It helps to sooth and heals the stomach as well as the intestines.  I like the Aloe Vera Gel by Lily of the desert.  It is made from the whole leaf of the plant.  Some people do not like how thick this product is, nor the slightly bitter taste.  George’s Aloe Vera looks and tastes like water, for those of you who do not like to taste the plant.
Slippery Elm is from the inside of the bark of this tree.  It is taken in powdered form as capsules, available from Natures Way, or it can be made into a tea from the actual bark, available from health food stores.  It has a slightly maple flavor, and is also a little sweet.  It is very soothing to the entire alimentary canal.

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