Dining Out

Here again what is important is your body and your health.  Only you and your doctor can determine what level you need to bring your diet to.  There are restaurants that are now serving gluten free items.  I am thrilled by this and I will be sharing them with you and reviewing their food in the coming months, check out the Reviews section.  However, if gluten is a life threatening issue for you, you should be very aware that there is cross contamination from pots, pans, utensils and surfaces in restaurants (and your own home) if non dedicated “gluten free” items are used.  This means that you or a restaurant needs to have pots, pans, mixing equipment, etc. that are only used for gluten free cooking.
If you are concerned, you can call ahead to see if a restaurant does this.  I will be including lists of restaurants that do this in the coming months as well.

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