A Dyslexic Disclaimer

Hmmm… you might be asking yourself if dyslexia is caused by Celiac Disease as so many other problems and symptoms are.  Is CD related to dyslexia?  As far as I know it is not.  The common denominator here is me; I am dyslexic.   This prevents me from being able to tell whether I have spelled a word correctly or not.  When I was in school, they did not test for dyslexia.  Consequently, much like when I was first diagnosed with having celiac disease, there were no support systems in play.  I grew up believing I was stupid until I was in my late 20’s.  It was a highly traumatic experience for me from the elementary grades through college.  As a result of this trauma, and or in combination with the dyslexia, my ability to make sense out of the rules of grammar was also affected.
Believing you are stupid, takes its toll on your soul: I grew up believing that I could do nothing “right”, succeed at nothing, and had no hope of ever even being able to support myself.
It was not until my late 20”s, that I began to realize that I was intelligent;  That I actually had an intrinsic value.  Now I know that I actually know more than many people.  My head is filled with all kinds of amazing information, and this venue is the first place I can bring much of that knowledge into play at once.
So I will ask your indulgence here, in my communications with the written word.
Just as someone who is color blind, is not able to differentiate colors, so I am unable to control reversing the order of letters in a word, as well as having letters from below, or above mix into a word on the line I am working on…  So if you find mistakes here, I hope you will take them with grace and good will.
I also hope you can see beyond these things and will not, as my teachers once did, render my thought content, nor the information I have to share, invalidated, because of spelling or grammar mistakes.  Prejudice in whatever form it takes, is a very unpleasant thing to experience.
Thank you
Ps I go out of my way to have people talented at such things go over my work for me (special Kudos to my Editors!!!), but there are times when I just can’t wait to publish something….

One thought on “A Dyslexic Disclaimer

  1. Times have improved so much for individuals with dyslexia. My daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia in her teens and had lots of school and computer support. Teachers fortunately have more knowledge and just having spell check on all computer programs were both extremely helpful to prevent the stigmatization you experienced. So sorry to hear your story and am glad you have found your voice. —Pam

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