Lia and Harley
Lia and Harley

Creation Myth
Hello, my name is Lia and I am a Gluten Free Foodie.

Being born a natural gourmet, into a poor family in a tiny cottage, clinging to the slopes of the Western Rockies, was not the first or the least of my challenges.  Neither was discovering 10 years ago, that I could no longer eat gluten.  It has been a long road, one that I cannot help believe has made me stronger and more interesting because of the, ditches, glitches, roadside witches, and of course the detours.  Who can forget the detours?
I am creating this Zine and Blog because I want to draw circles; To give us a community here in the Harlem Valley, in Westchester, Putnam, Litchfield and Fairfield Counties, and then connect us to the world.
I want to let GF people and their families know about the restaurants that are going out of their way to be able to feed us; same thing for the supermarkets that carry GF products.  I want to help guide Newbie’s towards the best tasting GF alternatives out there, and save them some of the expense and disappointments of unmapped product exploration that I have had to go through, and I welcome you to do the same.  Share your story, your information, your recipes, your favorite products etc.
I am always surprised when I speak to people that have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease,  that they often do not know many important facts that would help them avoid gluten or make good dietary decisions, based on sound nutritional principals.  I have tried to include many things that will make living a Gluten Free Life easier, tastier, happier and healthier.

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